Job Details
Instructional Support Specialist II, Health Science



$18.76 PER HOUR



Support and assist instructors and students with technology and related equipment used for Health Sciences and medical simulation education; maintain, update and organize technology, equipment and other resources. 

  • Conduct computer software maintenance on computer mannequins and other electronics; update and install software; scan for viruses; defragment hard drives; disinfect and troubleshoot issues and viruses.
  • Perform simulations and skills-building functions; set up and assist with the execution of simulation programs; apply and remove fluids, adhesives and moulages; set up and reset medication data inputs and loadings during simulations; take part in simulations as assigned.
  • Operate the simulation control room as assigned; run, record, playback and troubleshoot electronic devices as required; test systems and cameras; assist with audio-visual technical support; provide training to others regarding control center operations.
  • Perform a variety of duties regarding lab maintenance; assure cleanliness and organization; maintain and restock hospital room supplies, straighten beds, clean linens; assure availability of required medical equipment and supplies; wipe ledges and surfaces.
  • Conduct research of medical conditions, products, equipment, pricing, instructions, techniques and other information pertaining to medical simulation functions.
  • Order, receive and inspect materials and equipment; arrange for proper storage and handling of equipment; provide certain laboratory materials by procuring from local stores; inventory materials and assure adequate quantities are available for instructional use.
  • Maintain a variety of files and records regarding instructional materials, inventories, purchase orders and equipment repairs; prepare reports as required; perform general clerical duties as needed.
  • Use and operate a variety of medical and nursing equipment including catheter kits, IV tubing, vital signs monitors, human patient simulaters, lab supply kits and other assigned equipment.
  • Communicate with administrators, personnel and outside organizations to coordinate activities, resolve issues, conflicts and exchange information.
  • Attend a variety of meetings as assigned.
  • Perform related duties as assigned.

Any combination equivalent to:  graduation from high school supplemented by college-level coursework in health sciences or related field.


  • Medical terminology.
  • Simulation and audio-visual system software.
  • Moulage and other design techniques.
  • Human anatomy.
  • Health and safety regulations.
  • Record?keeping techniques.
  • Correct English usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary.
  • Technical aspects of health science.
  • Oral and written communications skills.
  • Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy.
  • Health science laboratory operation at the community college level.
  • Proper methods of storing equipment, materials and supplies.


  • Conduct computer software maintenance on computer mannequins and other electronics.
  • Perform simulations and skills-building functions.
  • Operate the simulation control room as assigned.
  • Perform a variety of duties regarding lab maintenance.
  • Issue and receive equipment and supplies.
  • Plan and organize work.
  • Understand and follow oral and written directions.
  • Work independently with little direction.
  • Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
  • Establish and maintain effective working and cooperative relationships with others.
  • Meet schedules and time lines.
  • Maintain records and prepare reports.
  • Analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action.
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